Monday, March 19, 2018

YO Post Apocalyptic JOE! Check out this awesome Mad Max style Awe Striker!

Hi all,

I am proud to show off another finished piece.

This is just one in a series I am doing for Brett. It is a post apocalyptic AWE Striker from the classic 1980s GI JOE toy line.

I loved and still love GI JOE cartoons, comics and toys. It was my favorite line growing up and I just started collecting it again. I mean, I'm getting SO many JOE toys in to paint and customize that I had to buy a lot or two on eBay to work with and keep for myself too! :)

Here is the Awe Striker.

You know me by now. YES, I primed it first. Oh look! Trooper Skulls!

Then I undercoated it black.
I found some good parts to add on didn't I?

So, I painted 5 coats of different color paints. I was going for rusts and reds. Then, I added some leather, I every movie I see set in some sort of "wasteland" has a car with a tarp or cloth, or leather flap. Adding that really made this project sing!

And now for some finished pics.

And close ups!

Hood ornament! Blood-covered saw!

Extra armor plates.

Battle Damage!

Blood splatters.

Shredded leather.
Do the Dreadnoks approve?

Damn right they do!

Hope you all enjoyed. This kinda project is about $50 plus shipping IF you send me the toy. Otherwise I have to buy the toy and charge you its shipped cost in addition. It took me about a week to complete. Only because I was being really careful with what I was adding to it. And letting it dry between coats of paint.

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Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, March 12, 2018

Zartan's Lair is done! Big reveal of a new Custom Castle Grayskull unlike anything you have seen!

Hi all,

This was a big job for me. I was approached to make a Dreadnok style Castle Grayskull. I immediately had an amazing idea. I wanted to make Zartan's Swamp Lair. And I knew just how to transform the Castle Grayskull to make it work.

I don't want to reveal all my secrets. But....

I used gravel, leather, sand, stickers, paint, lights, treasure chests, jewels, and MUCH MORE!

Here are some of the finished pictures.

Yes, that is leather on the face. I wanted the skull to look like the Dreadnok logo.

I sculpted this moat and it holds water.

Lights work!

Computers with screens!

Treasure and a place to sit back and have a beer.

Zartan on this Throne of Dread.

Gators are big in this swamp.

So what do you think?

This is a deluxe themed job. So something like this will cost $400-500. Depending on what you send me. Like if you send me a Grayskull shell or not. I had to buy some parts here, and buy clay. This took a long time to make. But it looks perfect.  I am 1000% happy with this job and so is the guy who commissioned it.

Thanks Brett! You are a great guy and fun to work with!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, March 5, 2018

First Custom Snake Mountian is revealed!

Hi all,

So, Andy, who commissioned the Mossman-themed Castle Grayskull, was so happy with my work he commissioned a second piece.  We spoke on the phone and he shared his vision with me. He wanted me to take a Snake Mountain and transform it into a Thundercats playset for his favorite toy: Snowman.

This being my first Snake Mountain custom job, I had a hard time visioning it at first. But once I had the Snake Mountain at my house, it all came together. Yeah, after HOURS of work. lol.

I took my time on this one. I mean...I really did. I think two weeks. I mean...look at all the parts! It's intimidating at first. Which is one of the reasons why my Snake Mountain customs will cost almost double my Castle Grayskull ones. There is just so much to paint, so it takes longer, and a lot more supplies are used.

Lots of parts to gesso. Lots...
Here WE go!
After MANY layers of gesso, I started painting it. First, I did it white undercoat with blue brushed on top. But that did not work. Then, I did a bright teal blue as an undercoat, with white on top. That worked. And when I added a second, darker blue, it started to REALLY define. Here is an early shot of the work in progress.

Work in Progress... still needed MANY more layers of paint.
I painted and painted and painted and painted.... So many layers... But that is what it needed and it started to come alive!

Getting closer...
After this pic, I added glossy accents to the eyes to make them look shiny and have an "iced over" feel.  I added sand on the pathway. I painted the heart several times... I even added spray snow....


Big mistake....

It all flaked off. Yuck.

But my painter friend had some PAINT-ON snow, which added good 3D depth. So I added that and some icicles. I even found a cool skeleton at a party shop and painted him frozen over.

This guy most be from the East Coast where all the snow storms are.
Mind you, I was in constant contact with Andy through this process. I must have sent him 30-50 update photos along the way. So he really went through this journey with me. And I think he agreed with 100% of my decisions along the way. #teamwork

In the end, it came out perfect. Exactly how I wanted it to look. I am very happy with this project and so is Andy!

Added a few arctic animals in this pic for fun.

The gate was my favorite part. I added some wet ice accents on it. Some gloss and some sparkle.

See the eyes now? And there is the hand painted Thundercats logo.

Heart and frozen Skeleton.


I packaged this one with such care(and worry) was crazy... And it arrived to Andy with no issue.

Live and looking good!
I am very happy I did this project. It was a learning experience for me. AND I grew as an artist. I can now offer Deluxe Custom jobs like this one. And like the one I am finishing this week. It's a cool Zartan Lair...

So please take a look at these pics and let me know what you think. Want a Snake Mountain custom? Contact me here or on FB. Most likely, I will need you to send me the shell and parts. I do not stock theses, only Grayskulls.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, February 26, 2018

Custom Toy Alert - GI JOE COBRA APC

Hi all,

I wanted to show you a fun project I just completed.

The task was to take a G.U.T.S toy, (I have always liked that toy line, it's simple and fun) and make it into a GI JOE-Cobra looking vehicle. And to make it look like it belonged in the JOES 1980s era toy line.

First off, I had no idea G.U.T.S had vehicles. Then I saw them. OMG! I want them all. So, I found one on ebay and it was complete, but had broken parts. Which is fine, because I planned to fix it and make it awesome again. Here it is, as it looked when it arrived.

Cool right?

Nice looking APC. Not needs a paint job!

So, of course, I primed the whole thing. And that was a pain. A huge pain. But I got it done. Then, I decided to go with the COBRA colors I like best. The Blue and Red. I really like those. They are classic. They make me think of the Cobra Rattler or the Cobra Ferret.

Gesso is the best yo!
 So after it dried, I started painting....and after a lot of layers of paint... BOOM!

The Cobra Blue and Red!
I think it turned out perfect. And I found a place that has stickers, so I was able to decorate it just like one of the 1980s toys with Cobra emblems and "DANGER" stickers.

See the pics:

So this is a project that is now available.  You can send me your GUTS vehicles and I will re-paint and style them up. Whatever them you want. You want Joes, MASK, Transformers...TMNT... whatever!

It might be called Castle BROSKULL.... but it is a whole lot more than just MOTU customs now!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Castles in the Wild - My work is showing up online

Hi all,

So my newest custom Grayskulls are beginning to show up in the wild. These last three were the best three I have ever made and I can tell the people who commissioned them love them.

See the pics below.

They are showing up on FB live streaming during toy auctions!

Happy Customer!

I love how happy the Dunbars look in that first photo. They are a great couple and Ty is a fantastic toy collector and seller. I highly recommend his auctions.

See below a few snaps I took when two of my Castle Grayskull customs were revealed LIVE on The Greatest Toy Group on Earth FB group.

Look at that Mossman!!!


Andy and Carlos look very happy with the jobs I did for them. And I love that Mossman-themed castle!!!

On Andy Cook's auction. It was the background!

I am happy they are happy. That is my goal. Make the person who commissions a castle happy. If you want one, let me know. They display VERY WELL.

Also, I should note, I am doing Snake Mountains and other things, non MOTU. I am customizing GI JOE vehicles and figures too. And some other things... So look for Castle BROSKULL on FB, or come here and look at my samples and updates.


Kevin James Breaux

Monday, February 12, 2018

Two BIG reveals! Yes, the Mossman-themed Castle is here!

Hi all,

I can finally reveal the castles I made for Andy and Carlos. Both have theirs now and love them.

See below, Carlos's custom. He wanted a grey castle with some accent colors. Most important, he wanted the demon tongue. So I spent a LOT of time on that gate door.

I took my castle work to the next level.

Look at this thing!

Gross. And a thing of Beauty!


Now for the Mossman one! Andy had an idea for a castle covered in moss. He wanted it to be a home for his favorite: Mossman. I instantly realized I could incorporate the figure. So, I went on eBay and bought a broken one. I then cut that figure in half, and glued him on the castle. YES, his arm still works. You can move it. So this castle is kinetic. (throwback joke to my time at BCCC)(we had to make a sculpture that was kinetic.)

See the pics below:

Lots of moss to hide the man!

These were fun jobs and opened up a lot of possibilities. Thank you, Carlos and Andy!

Kevin James Breaux