Friday, June 14, 2019

Battle Bones and Spydor to show off here at Castle Broskull

Hi all,

So many new projects. It's hard to pick which ones to show here. Follow me on Instagram @castlebroskull or FB (same address) and see all the pics. I post a ton on those social media sites.

Okay, first up. A passion project I worked on for several months.

The Battle-damaged and rusting SPYDOR!

This is now a show piece. I will bring to the toy shows I am at in 2019 and 2020.

This things was trash when I got it. Broken and unloved. I repaired it. Cleaned it. Repainted in ALL OF IT...and then I started customizing it.

I added wires on the legs to make it look like Skeletor and his gang repaired it on the battlefield. I painted it to look rusted and gave it some metal shine. I did lots of brush stroke work to give it texture in the body. Then added some glitter to the eyes and put new guns in. Yes, the wrong guns, but I think they look better.
See the wires!


This one is what I feel a Battle Bones should look like. Repainted like old and decomposed bones. This represents like 6-7 layers of paint. I wanted it to be perfect!

One of my favorite new pieces.

What do you think? Lots of positive comments on FB.

Had to give him a tongue. lol.
I am very happy with the results. And I decided, instead of selling him, to make him a prize to a contest. That contest will be on FB next week. Look me up, and watch for details.


Black with grey and white highlights for texture.

Red details to match Ant-Eternia line.

Glowing Red LED eyes!
As soon as I started this one, I knew I needed to drill some holes and place some LED eyes in. Man, those eyes are SO bright they light up a dark room. Like super bright!!!

This one is going to be a prize too. I love giving people the chance to win my projects for super cheap. This way I get customs into the hands of collectors who love them but normally can't afford to buy them.

That being said, people are always shocked at how low my custom prices are. One guy was like... "Bro, do you even make min. wage?"


I do a lot of work, so it evens out. Most importantly it is about having fun and putting RAD projects into the hands of cool collectors.

Thanks all!

Kevin Breaux - The Lord of Castle Brokskull

Thursday, May 30, 2019

More work to show! Contests! Projects! Throwbacks!

Hi all,

I recently held two contests on Facebook. One was with big prizes the other with small prizes.

I decided the prizes would be project which I had made for demonstration purposes, for shows, and/or for my own shelf here at home.

When creating the graphics, I realized that this was REALLY about getting projects into the hands of my loyal collectors and fans and friends. So I decided each contest would have two winners.

The first contest ran, we went live and spun the wheel. Two winners were chosen. and the two prizes awarded were: (1) Funko Batcave painted like a Castle Grayskull. FULL custom job. The other was (1) Vintage Castle Grayskull painted inside and out. See below.

The contest was a huge success. So we immediately ran the second one. This one had such an amazing set of prizes to choose from. An Imperial Dragon, A Death Liger, A battle-damaged Soundwave, A Dreadnok Snake Armor and a set of Motu Musle He-Man and Battle-Cat with a Mini customized KO Grayskull.

The two winners were chosen by the wheel and they picked: the Imperial Dragon and the Death Liger. (I would have picked the MOTU muscle and mini Grayskull set, myself).

A couple days later, I saw a post with some threads praising me and my contests. I was honored. And very happy. I plan on doing contests once a month or every six weeks. I'm really glad people enjoy them and think they are worth it.

So remember to follow me on FB @castlebroskull to see contest listing. You can find me in a few groups too.

Here is a picture set from a recent project. You know I love MOBATS and love customizing them. And have done a bunch!!! Here's an urban camo one I was commissioned to do. I'm happy with the way it turned out and the collector LOVED IT!!!

Click for a huge pic.

Here are some throwbacks I just laid out in set pics. Some old and older work. I sometimes feel amazed by how much my work and styles have grown in such a short amount of time.

Check it out.

BATS Series from over a year ago.

I love doing crossover customs. This is from GI JOE to Transformers.

Again, thank you all for following. Find me on FB or Instagram and message me for commission work. I'm almost always open....but have a list of projects that can span from a week to a month.

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, May 16, 2019

First FRIGHT ZONE! Castle Broskull nails another one!

Hi all,

So I have done like 50+ Grayskulls. Maybe 10 Snake Mountains. Probably 6 Slime Pits...

But never a Fright Zone, until last month. Finally, someone sent me one, and it was perfect. So I worked extra hard to make it great. I mean I always work hard to make them great. lol. But I but some extra-extra credit into this one.

I never had a Fright Zone growing up. Never had any of the MOTU playsets. I don't know why. I do know, I never wanted the super large toys. I was a huge GI JOE fan and never wanted the HQ or Terror Drome. So I guess maybe that carried over to MOTU. (I have a Terror Drome now and I want to play with it soooooo bad)

Anyway, I was surprised by how cool this was....once I got some paint on it. Like the other play sets, the detail does not come out until you start to layer paint. And this one, being all rock was a challenge. I needed to give it contrast and texture, so I went with a few colors variations and added some sand to the base. Moss too.

I had the most fun painting the tree and the birds. I made the tree a brown and blood red combo.

The Monster was a custom created by another artist, but I repainted it.

The jail cell. I added skulls and moss.

Made sure The Horde got some respect.

Added a skeleton for extra detail.
This is a small play set, but a big challenge. It takes a lot of time. Prime, undercoat, 5-7 layers of paint. Careful and considerate application of sand and moss and skulls. I am happy with the results. So was the collector who commissioned it. He loved it!

I hope to do more. So send them my way!

So far, my favorite is the Slime Pit. But I love all things MOTU.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Vancouver Toy Show pics!


Hi all,

A month ago, I took a month off commissions, which were crazy heavy and keeping me very busy...


I needed to prepare for a toy show in Vancouver, Washington.

GREAT was a blast. I made my money back on my table and then some. Enough to make it well worth my time, but most importantly, I met a ton of people. And wow, I got so much praise for my work it was amazing. I even saw a friend and he got me a gift. Great guy! Thanks Jason!

Here are some pics.

This is my second time doing this show (fourth time attending). The first time I had a table I was very sick and late to the show. (yuck) Not this time Nora Virus!

So, I plan on doing this show again. I think it is in the FALL. If there are any other shows in Washington State I should get a table at, let me know!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tons of projects. Update with lots of new pics!

Hi all,

Here are a bunch of new projects and pics! Enjoy!

Death Liger!

Here is a fun toy and cheap custom job if you want one.  The Death Liger makes a great addition to MOTU. And if you throw a KO saddle on's perfect! I am so proud to be the first person to customize these. Broskull did it first! lol.

This is project can be as low as $45 plus shipping. Or a little more if you want a saddle. If you have a liger...then I can discount it.

Before and After

Red one!

Green one!

Purple and Red with Saddles on. I make the saddles look realistic.
She needed a mount. I mean ride...

I made another MOTU add-on. This was a commission where the collector had an idea and a toy and he sent me both.


This thing was huge like three times the size of a MOTU figure.

I put sand on his feet and made him look rusty.

Chain could be moved around.

This was fun. It painted up SOOOOO nice. And he wanted the figure to look like it had been underwater for a long time, so I did a rust reffect that I think made the figure pop.


I repainted this Inhumanoid figure to actually look like rock. Then I added moss and some mossy colors. This one I am keeping for my own collection. I love Inhumanoids. If you want one made, I can do that. Send me one or have me pick one up for you. I am working on another one right now!

I repainted him.

Get ready for this one!


I completed three slime pits last one. Here is one of them. They turn out amazing. Are fun to do. And I can do this job for 1/2 the price of a Grayskull. So if you supply one I can do it for $75 plus shipping. If I have to supply it...then it is more like $125 plus shipping. But man, worth every penny. 

I paint it in a bunch of layers. And then I add green paint to look like the slime. I had some sparkle to that, and even some slight glow-in-dark effects. I put moss on and skulls, just like a full Grayskull job. EVEN add a skeleton for the effect. See the pics!

Look at it! Look!!!!

My exclusive skeleton. I add these in all my MOTU projects.

That is the result of like 5-7 layers of paint.

See the added skulls and moss.
Fits these little MOTU figures perfectly!
 OKAY! Last but not least. Lady Broskull has something to show off. 

MOTU Muscle figures! 

The Lady of Castle Broskull normally helps out. She paints small things. She does priming. She is quality assurance... But this project is her and only her. So if you want some of these, you are getting LADY BROSKULL Exclusives!


Right now they are $10 plus shipping. You send them to me. Or I supply them. I don't have many. More to come. If you supply you get a small discount.

Or you can just have us add one into your order. If you get a Grayskull or something else MOTU related and want one, I will randomly throw one into your box for $10 total.

Okay, back to work. I have to prep for the Vancouver Washington Toy Show in a few weeks.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, March 8, 2019

My Sistine Chapel the Zodac Themed Grayskull See it here!

Zodac has a new home!

Hi all,

So I went all out. ALL OUT!!!

I created another masterpiece!

I was commissioned to do a Zodac-themed Castle Grayskull and I had the idea hit me almost instantly. I would paint the interior like a canvas, make it a giant star field and huge cosmos. I think the collector doubted me. He might have been a little hesitant, but I convinced him it would rock...and...well... it DOES!!!

I added a figure in this job. It felt right and I wanted it to blend in.

As you can see in the pictures, I hand-painted this bad boy with layer upon layer upon layer. I did use some spray paint for splatter and splatter painted with a brush too.

I primed, then undercoated black, and then used light blue, dark blue, red, purple and white to create a cosmic universe inside the Grayskull shell. It took hours. Days!!!! But it was worth it.

I added the X-Mas ornament star as a finishing touch.

Throne to look like a shiny spaceship.
I painted a comet streaking across the one floor where the trap door is. And I painted the throne to look like a shiny metallic space ship. I added some gemstones for treasure, and that skull (which was not glued on) was there for extra fun.

See how I painted the figure just like the interior. I painted the same star field on him so he would look like he is phasing or beaming in.

I added him in this huge job. I think he looks amazing!

So cool! I almost did not want to ship it.

This is a great example of a big job, of a themed job. These run more money than normal jobs, and I will quote around $250-300 shipped (conus) for this. Depending on the accessories or figures added. I have to charge that because of the time that goes into it. I mean, seriously, I worked like 25-30 hours on this one. And it was SO much fun!

You have seen my Mossman and Fisto-themed castles. Even my Zartan one. They can be a lot of fun for both me and the collector. If you have a favorite character, why not set him up with a fortress of his or her own.

Thank all for taking a look. And contact me if you are interested. Follow me on Instagram @castlebroskull

Kevin James Breaux