Thursday, January 4, 2018

This is why you want to display them. Just look!

Hi all,

Sold this one. And it was my favorite. Gonna miss it.

I only have the one castle I display on my shelf left. BUT I am starting a new one this week.

Seriously....please, look at these pictures. This is why hardcore MOTU fans should have a custom Grayskull for their display.

This is the deep pine green one I just finished and sold. See it here on my mantle with one overheard light. Man it looks great!

And when you add figures to the scene it takes a life of its own!

Not to mention great INSTAGRAM filter possibilities.

This is too much fun!
So grab a custom Grayskull. Get a good one. From someone who takes their time and primes it right and seals it right. Like me! :)

Commissions are available.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Custom Castle Grayskull #12 done! Deep Pine Green Fresh! lol

Hi all,

Here is my most recent custom Castle Grayskull. And it IS for sale! This is the first one I have been able to offer in a while. The rest have been commissioned orders. So I'm happy to end the year with one I can sell to the fans.

You know my process.... (and maybe I should not have shared it. Cause there are some copycats afoot!) So I will not repeat it. I will just show the pics.

WIP - Sneak peak!

 This Castle was the best looking one I have found on ebay. I mean it arrived and it just looked spectacular. I almost did not paint it. It was hinged together and the colors were bright (for dull plastic). But it just spoke to me as a special one. One that was cared for. So I decided to paint it according to a vision I had of how Grayskull should be a mossy forest green.

I did all the prep work and I was feeling good about it. I found some new dead looking brown moss in a store...a store like 3 hours from my I knew this one was gonna come out bad ass.

Here it is.

Castle Pine GreenSkull. lol

Notice the skull and now...yes...bones details.

Legs bones FTW!

Very happy with this one. Almost want to keep it.

So there it is. A quick update....but more important, an alert that THIS is for SALE! These things sell quick, so message or email me fast. Don't wait.

I have another shell coming in the mail in a few days. Maybe that will be a snow-covered Grayskull. Maybe it will be something else. I have been told I should try one that is battle-damaged too.

Who knows!

Thanks all.

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, December 18, 2017

Lots of Castles.... So many Castles...

Hi all,

So I painted and sold 4 more castles. I think that brings me to my current WIP which is number 12...I think.... I feel like Todd McFarlane in the 1990s (I can't count). lol

But yeah. I had a blitz of Castle commissions for the holidays. I had to get them done and shipped ASAP. I have a few photos of them, but not many. I will update later with pics.

The one I am working on now does not have a buyer yet and it is the nicest shade of green I have ever mixed for a Castle. I swear its like pine tree green and looks like a Castle Grayskull should. I love it.

When it's done I will list and mark for sale.

Thanks for all the support and orders in 2017!

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Quick update.

Hi all,

Just a quick update. My original Castle Grayskull custom paint job, the one I was keeping for myself, SOLD.

It was immensely popular and people loved it SO much I had to let go of it. Here are a couple of fun pics I took of it.

This one was a very dark green/blue color. I'm sad to see it go, but glad it has found a home with a cool collector. I'n sure he will love it as much as I did.

Since the Halloween one did not sell, I repainted it and that one is now on display in my office. I am starting a new one next week. A lot of people wanted me to do a Winter scene. Not sure if I will, since the Halloween one did not find a home.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Starting a new one next week

Hi all,

If you want to commission a Grayskull, message me now. I have a new shell, that is in excellent condition and I will start painting it next week. So message me now if you want to pick the colors, or wait and message me after I start painting it, if you just want to buy it before I list it for sale.

But hurry. These things sell fast....

Except the Haunted House one. That one is still available. For the life of me, I don't know why.

Thanks all!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back to the classics Grayskull #5 done and sold.

I went back to the classics with my fifth Custom Grayskull. Give the people what they want.

I did. And wow.

What a great response. I had lots of people comment and make offers on this one. Lots of offers. Unfortunately, it is first come-first serve, and I have to sell it to the first person who sends a payment (even a 50% down payment). I wish I had five of these to meet the demand.

I am about to paint a new one. It will be close to this one in its colors. UNLESS... someone orders it and pays before I start painting. Then they can pick the design. Either way, I am excited to make a new one soon.

Until then, here is #5.

Here is the finished castle. Look for the hidden treasure: a key!
One of the details I have started added. Skulls. Man they look good.

I hope you like it.  Remember, I am here if you want to order one as a commission.

Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Halloween-themed Castle Grayskull for custom #4 FOR SALE!

Hi all.

It's October and I wanted to try something different. So, I decided to do a Spooky Castle Grayskull in a Halloween theme. It was done originally in only black and white. Looked great. Then I added orange accents and at the end dry brushed a coat of green all over.

Check out the pics!

Here it is!

Above you will see the finished product with the skulls, spider webs, and dead brush. I was very happy with how this turned out. Then I added lights!

Behold lights!

The blue LED light string made it look even more creepy. But wait... it was a full moon out....

Full moon setup. Great timing!

This might be my favorite photo of it. Love the angle. 

Skulls detail shot.

Spider Webs.

More webs.

Over all I am happy. I posted this on FB just a little while ago. It is currently FOR SALE!!! So if you are interested, find me on FB or Instagram or email me here: kbreaux23 @

I am starting a new one this weekend. It will be greens, and stick to the old school style. But I am always looking for fun things to add on.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux