Friday, September 29, 2017

Second Castle finished a month ago, and sent to Germany

Hi all,

The second Castle Grayskull job I had was one for a MOTU fan in Germany. He commissioned me to make one with lighter colors. So, after buying another shell on ebay, I got to work.

Gesso first!

Progress picture.

Since it was a lighter tone job, I was careful not to add too much black in my undercoats. I tried to do layers, then add white, more layers, than add more white.

Finished. Outside it bright sun.

It took me longer than expected. But I got a really good result. The moss really made the white rocks at the bottom pop.

Here are some finished display photos. The dusk lighting makes the castle look more blue.

Hope you like it. The buyer LOVED IT!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, September 22, 2017

My first custom Grayskull paintjob. The story and pics.

Hi all,

Remember Castle Grayskull? The 1980's Masters of the Universe / He-Man toy play set?

Look how kinda ugly it was. You'd never know there was tons of detail..unless you re-painted it.

About 3 months ago, I got it in my head that I wanted to do a custom Castle Grayskull paint job for fun...and to display with some of my old toys.

I'm a member of a few MOTU (Masters of the Universe) fan groups on FB and I saw a lot of people collecting and piecing together Grayskulls. It looked like fun. I never had one growing up. I had plenty of the action figures, but no playsets. I was never a playset kinda kid. My primary toy collection was GI JOES anyway...

So I watched eBay for weeks on end. I saw all sorts of Castle Grayskulls for sale. Complete. Almost complete. Some for $150. Some for $100. It seemed like I could not buy one for less than $80. I made some offers and kept getting declined. During this search, I realized I don't really want to piece together one, all I really want is to paint one up nice. 

Then one night. Big surprise! I found one for around $30. It was basically just the shell. And that was all I needed. So I placed an offer and it was accepted. $45 total with shipping. BOOM!

After it arrived, I gave it a good bath. (I made sure it was from a smoke free home...but it was still dirty.)

Once it was clean, I put a thick layer of Gesso on it...then another.

People loved this photo on FB. Made me want to leave it as is.

After the two layers of Gesso I started adding the browns.

And I painted the door.

That's my wife's hand. Not mine. :)

The door was separate, so I painted it with 8 layers of paint: Dark Brown, Red-Brown, Light Brown, and a nearly Black-Brown. I dry brushed it with Black and White too. I even used a mist of spray paint to antique it some. I did all this before moving on to the main castle.

Oh, Castle Grayskull...I will make you glorious again!

Just looking at the castle, I was scared to start. I knew what to do, but was worried I would ruin it. I started with a dark hunter green and painted it with two coats. This took 2-3 days.

 I wanted to make sure it was a good clean base coat.

After that, I started layering in the different shades of green. Here are a few progress shots.

Almost done! Was still working on the rocks at bottom.

Once the painting was done, I sprayed it with a Krylon Matte Sealant spray. A fixative.

Looking good, right? Love it or List it?

I wanted to take this good job and turn it into a great job. So I added moss!

The moss really sells it! Curb appeal!


I even added a little skull for extra detail.

I am very happy with the end results! Trust me, I could not wait to photograph it!

Some lights added for photos!

Fits the Loyal Subjects He-Man perfectly in scale!

So, this first custom took me about 7-8 days. I put a lot of layers of paint on this 1980's toy...that basically looked like something someone would throw away, and I made it freaking-amazing, move-in-ready, for He-Man.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and brief explanation of my first experiment with custom painting a Castle Grayskull. I have since painted many more.

If you have one you want me to paint, or want to buy one and have me paint it...please contact me.

Kbreaux23 @ yahoo . com

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, September 21, 2017

New posts coming soon!

New Posts are coming soon. Hold tight!

Kevin Breaux