Friday, September 22, 2017

My first custom Grayskull paintjob. The story and pics.

Hi all,

Remember Castle Grayskull? The 1980's Masters of the Universe / He-Man toy play set?

Look how kinda ugly it was. You'd never know there was tons of detail..unless you re-painted it.

About 3 months ago, I got it in my head that I wanted to do a custom Castle Grayskull paint job for fun...and to display with some of my old toys.

I'm a member of a few MOTU (Masters of the Universe) fan groups on FB and I saw a lot of people collecting and piecing together Grayskulls. It looked like fun. I never had one growing up. I had plenty of the action figures, but no playsets. I was never a playset kinda kid. My primary toy collection was GI JOES anyway...

So I watched eBay for weeks on end. I saw all sorts of Castle Grayskulls for sale. Complete. Almost complete. Some for $150. Some for $100. It seemed like I could not buy one for less than $80. I made some offers and kept getting declined. During this search, I realized I don't really want to piece together one, all I really want is to paint one up nice. 

Then one night. Big surprise! I found one for around $30. It was basically just the shell. And that was all I needed. So I placed an offer and it was accepted. $45 total with shipping. BOOM!

After it arrived, I gave it a good bath. (I made sure it was from a smoke free home...but it was still dirty.)

Once it was clean, I put a thick layer of Gesso on it...then another.

People loved this photo on FB. Made me want to leave it as is.

After the two layers of Gesso I started adding the browns.

And I painted the door.

That's my wife's hand. Not mine. :)

The door was separate, so I painted it with 8 layers of paint: Dark Brown, Red-Brown, Light Brown, and a nearly Black-Brown. I dry brushed it with Black and White too. I even used a mist of spray paint to antique it some. I did all this before moving on to the main castle.

Oh, Castle Grayskull...I will make you glorious again!

Just looking at the castle, I was scared to start. I knew what to do, but was worried I would ruin it. I started with a dark hunter green and painted it with two coats. This took 2-3 days.

 I wanted to make sure it was a good clean base coat.

After that, I started layering in the different shades of green. Here are a few progress shots.

Almost done! Was still working on the rocks at bottom.

Once the painting was done, I sprayed it with a Krylon Matte Sealant spray. A fixative.

Looking good, right? Love it or List it?

I wanted to take this good job and turn it into a great job. So I added moss!

The moss really sells it! Curb appeal!


I even added a little skull for extra detail.

I am very happy with the end results! Trust me, I could not wait to photograph it!

Some lights added for photos!

Fits the Loyal Subjects He-Man perfectly in scale!

So, this first custom took me about 7-8 days. I put a lot of layers of paint on this 1980's toy...that basically looked like something someone would throw away, and I made it freaking-amazing, move-in-ready, for He-Man.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and brief explanation of my first experiment with custom painting a Castle Grayskull. I have since painted many more.

If you have one you want me to paint, or want to buy one and have me paint it...please contact me.

Kbreaux23 @ yahoo . com

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

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