Friday, September 29, 2017

Second Castle finished a month ago, and sent to Germany

Hi all,

The second Castle Grayskull job I had was one for a MOTU fan in Germany. He commissioned me to make one with lighter colors. So, after buying another shell on ebay, I got to work.

Gesso first!

Progress picture.

Since it was a lighter tone job, I was careful not to add too much black in my undercoats. I tried to do layers, then add white, more layers, than add more white.

Finished. Outside it bright sun.

It took me longer than expected. But I got a really good result. The moss really made the white rocks at the bottom pop.

Here are some finished display photos. The dusk lighting makes the castle look more blue.

Hope you like it. The buyer LOVED IT!

Kevin James Breaux

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