Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back to the classics Grayskull #5 done and sold.

Hi all,

I went back to the classics with my fifth Custom Grayskull. Give the people what they want.

I did. And wow.

What a great response. I had lots of people comment and make offers on this one. Lots of offers. Unfortunately, it is first come-first serve, and I have to sell it to the first person who sends a payment (even a 50% down payment). I wish I had five of these to meet the demand.

I am about to paint a new one. It will be close to this one in its colors. UNLESS... someone orders it and pays before I start painting. Then they can pick the design. Either way, I am excited to make a new one soon.

Until then, here is #5.

Here is the finished castle. Look for the hidden treasure: a key!
One of the details I have started added. Skulls. Man they look good.

I hope you like it.  Remember, I am here if you want to order one as a commission.

Kevin James Breaux

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