Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Custom Grayskull #3 Classic Medieval Castle Theme


So, I want to tell you about the third Castle Grayskull custom I completed. This one was finished about 2-3 weeks ago in mid Sept. It took me a week, start to finish. And when it was done, I posted pics on Instagram and FB... and ZOOOOOOOM! It sold in like 15 mins.

This was not a commission, so I designed it in a style I picked. My goal was to make it look like a classic medieval castle, and I wanted to add some new elements.

Take a look at the process below:

Gesso first! Always! Two layers are better than one.

Black undercoat.

This is the first time I really...really... did a solid black wet undercoat wash. Before, I dry brushed in the cracks only. I think this way, which takes MUCH longer, is better in the end. After it dries it looks scary, which is why I want to do a Halloween themed Castle soon. Maybe next.

About mid way.

At the mid way point. As you can see, the shadows look great. So the wash undercoat works. I am just starting to add in the browns for the wood and stones. Also, I am about to add in some light greens for "painted" stains and mold. This castle is looking exactly how I wanted it at this point.

Fast forward a few days...

After MANY more layers of greens and greys and more black dry brushing and white highlights I am done.


Look at how good the moss looks with the grey tones.
And the brown stone!

I added in a new detail on this one. I bought a shiny skull bead and fixed it to the gate door, over the coat of arms skull. It was a perfect fit.

See that kick-ass skull bead. I roughed it up to age it some. But it shines.

Hope you like it. I am working on a new one right now. If you are interested in having me do a custom paint job, just email me. kbreaux23 @ yahoo.com

Kevin James Breaux

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