Monday, December 18, 2017

Lots of Castles.... So many Castles...

Hi all,

So I painted and sold 4 more castles. I think that brings me to my current WIP which is number 12...I think.... I feel like Todd McFarlane in the 1990s (I can't count). lol

But yeah. I had a blitz of Castle commissions for the holidays. I had to get them done and shipped ASAP. I have a few photos of them, but not many. I will update later with pics.

The one I am working on now does not have a buyer yet and it is the nicest shade of green I have ever mixed for a Castle. I swear its like pine tree green and looks like a Castle Grayskull should. I love it.

When it's done I will list and mark for sale.

Thanks for all the support and orders in 2017!

Kevin James Breaux

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