Monday, February 5, 2018

Not Just Castles Anymore! DRAGONS too! And other toys.

Hi all,

I want to reveal my secret project and alert you all to the fact that I am doing other customs, more than just MOTU and Castle Grayskulls.

Here is my secret project. I waited until I was done 3 samples before showing it on FB this past weekend.

I have been taking old (boring) Imperial Dragons, Knights and Daggers Battle Beasts/Mounts and repainting them. Basically, taking a lame looking old 80s knock off toy and making it look amazing for displays and MOTU or KO collectors.

See the before and after pics. Followed by samples.

This was the first one I painted. Click it.

The Blue Sabretooth was the first one I did. It was a dull blue with a orange/red saddle. I built up the colors, added shadows and highlights and then made the scales reflective. I added some sparkle and turned the dorsal scales into bone. I changed that god-awful saddle into something that looks like REAL leather. I gave it some wear and tear too. It looks Amazing!!!

It really comes alive!!!

Red Dragon - I really like the look of this one. Click it.

The Red Two-headed Dragon. Wow, such dull paint. YUCK! So I added a ton of paint to this one. Painted and let dry. Painted and let dry. It was a week long project. BUT I got it high gloss shiny and with tons of sparkle in the scales. I'm really happy with this. Again, I decided to play off the original coloring.

Looks so shiny new, and its over 30 years old!

I challenged myself. Because I think this toy is DAMN ugly! Click it.

Green Two-Headed Dragon. It's just ugly. Seriously, ugly. I mean look at it. And painted all green it has no life to it. Just boring. SOOOOO.... I went all out. I added many layers of green and yellow. I even gave it a thick gloss layer over the eyes to make them look wet.

Lots of work in the scales.

So now that I have your attention. Would you like one?

Here is the deal. If you send me one, I will paint it for you and send it back to you, shipped at my cost. The price is $45-50 total. $45 for beasts with NO saddle and $50 for beasts with a saddle. No bad right? You can even pick the colors you want me to paint them.

If you do not have one, I can try and get one for you off Ebay, or you can buy one off Ebay and ship it to me. If I buy one off Ebay for you, then I have to add that total cost to the paint job cost. Understand? Cool.

This is what a KO looks like riding one, with one of my original paintings as a backdrop.

Make your displays cool again!

So, I am taking orders now. Please email me or contact me on FB or Instagram. There is a Castle BROSKULL FB page now. Like it. Or Instagram @brostoys.

Email : kbreaux23 @

Thanks all!

Kevin Breaux

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