Monday, February 12, 2018

Two BIG reveals! Yes, the Mossman-themed Castle is here!

Hi all,

I can finally reveal the castles I made for Andy and Carlos. Both have theirs now and love them.

See below, Carlos's custom. He wanted a grey castle with some accent colors. Most important, he wanted the demon tongue. So I spent a LOT of time on that gate door.

I took my castle work to the next level.

Look at this thing!

Gross. And a thing of Beauty!


Now for the Mossman one! Andy had an idea for a castle covered in moss. He wanted it to be a home for his favorite: Mossman. I instantly realized I could incorporate the figure. So, I went on eBay and bought a broken one. I then cut that figure in half, and glued him on the castle. YES, his arm still works. You can move it. So this castle is kinetic. (throwback joke to my time at BCCC)(we had to make a sculpture that was kinetic.)

See the pics below:

Lots of moss to hide the man!

These were fun jobs and opened up a lot of possibilities. Thank you, Carlos and Andy!

Kevin James Breaux

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