Monday, March 26, 2018

Yo! Hellish Nightmare JOE! This HISS tank is right out of NO PLACE LIKE SPRINGFIELD!

Hi all,

I can't keep up. I am about two weeks behind on posts. I have a lot of customs to show off.

Here is one of the new ones. It's a Hiss Tank in the same line as the AWE STRIKER...but kinda not. The HISS is right out of some hellish nightmare!!!

I made this from a HISS tank and some nice little goodies. Like skulls and bones, and scraps of metal and extra missiles. 

Rusty colored like the AWE Striker.

Bones and skulls!

Monkey Wrench taking it on a test drive.

What do you think? Want a cool custom HISS?  Let me know!

Kevin James Breaux

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