Monday, April 16, 2018

A few new projects to show off. Ghostbusters, GI JOE and More!

Hi all,

Busy week. Here are a few of the projects I worked on and finished.

First up! I wanted to customize this Funko Pop I had laying around. Do something quick and easy so I could sell it cheap to someone who is following my page or FB group.

Winner: Batman

I made this Armored Batman into a Batman Vs. Superman Batman. After the fight. He is battle damaged and has a bloody nose. See the Kryptonite gloves? They sparkle and glow in dark. 

AND...It is still available.

I also worked on "transforming" this GI JOE Cobra Maggot into a Transformers Movie Megatron. It was a commission that at first I was unsure of, then embraced. I love how it turned out. I even got some Decepticon stickers for it.  This was a large project because of all the parts. But MAN, did it turn out great.

Look at the colors!!!

The logo sticker sells it.

The Silver and Purple are a great combo.

From JOES to Transformers. A nice blend of lines.

Three parts.

See the computer screens, I mad them look like they have feedback/snow.

Painted the chair brown. Could not resist.

That's not all. I had this cool project from my buddy Ty Dunbar. He sent me a nice rubbery Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. And I knew it had to get "toasted."

Look at him. Enjoying a day off in the hot tub. He has NO clue what is about to happen.


They came, they saw, they kicked his ass!

Toasted Marshmallow time!

Yeah... it looks so good burning. Ty loved the pics I sent him. :) This was a simple, clean, gesso, repaint job. But with lots of detail work.

AND.... wait... one more!

The BlowTorch Corp has a new ride for the army builders.  YO JOE!

No one will see this APC coming!

The Red and Yellow in full effect!

So you may or may not know this, but the APC is one of my top 3 favorite JOE vehicles. I really love it. It is sturdy and rolls great. It fits a ton of figures. It just looks damn cool!

Yeah, I jumped at the chance to customize one. In fact, I really didn't make much more than shipping on this project. I just wanted to see it happen.

This is also a rare example of my spray painting. AS PER request of the person who commissioned me. So you gotta give the people what they want.

Camo and stickers - check!

Weapons ready - check!

Smooth and crisp - check!

Sun and fire protective glass - check. Let's roll!

Hope you enjoyed all the new projects! I have more to show. Soon. I am also taking more commissions. So please contact me.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

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