Monday, April 2, 2018

BATS are taking over! COBRA!!!!

Hi all,

Holiday weekend slowed me down. Also, working on a super secret project and trying some new things. I wish I had more to share...most of my projects are WIP right now. At least that means I am now up to date on posting about projects here.  Um...I think....

Here are two new ones.

They are both Cobra Battle Android Troopers that have assimilated GI JOE vehicles. Think Borg. Think T2. Think....holy shit!

As you can see, this was my original concept and it evolved into the next one.

This is a BATS taking over a GI JOE Armadillo

I added wires to make it look more interesting.

NOW.... prepare yourself! BOOM! ZOOM!

Don't you just hate it when a BATS steels your ride?

I love how this one turned out. Pretty much perfect.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect/

So there you go. Two more projects envisioned, made, sold, shipped, and loved by their owners!

I am going to make a few of these BATS/RAMS. They are a cheap project if you want one.

kbreaux23 @ yahoo . com or on Facebook at CastleBroskull.

Thanks all.

Kevin James Breaux

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