Monday, April 9, 2018

Castle Broskull does more than MOTU and JOES! We do Star Wars too!

Hi all,

Lots of completed projects to share here at Castle BROSKULL.

First off, I want everyone to understand... I will customize anything you send me. Not just MOTU and GI JOES.

In order to prove this, I had someone send me a Star Wars Snowspeeder. I offered them a deal. Send me a nice one, I will custom paint it and send it back. 1/2 price! Even paying 1/2 the shipping.

So here are some progress and finished shots. As you will see the Snowspeeder arrived in good condition but dirty and yellow/brown with age. No worries. I always clean the toys I am sent first. It's part of the deal!

Dirty, but it good shape.

I undercoated this black to pull up the details. Trust me. You'll see.

Here you can see I have started the brush work to make it look battle worn.

I am primarily a brush artist. So that means, I will use a brush to apply paint to my projects. It gives them soul. See all the texture here!?! I was given full range to do whatever I wanted, so I wanted to paint a ship that looked like it had been around for years. Survived a lot of battles, but had smoke and fire and phaser wear and tear. So I added some color to the snowspeeder....some beige and peach tones.

Finished indoor shot!

See the stains and splatter. I even used an ink to color stain the windshield.

Here are some outdoor lighting photos. This project turned out exactly as I had hoped. I did not want to send it back to its owner! That is always a good sign. But seriously, this was what I saw in my head and I made it into a reality. For an artist that is huge!

Snowspeeder looking amazing!

Look at the details and texture that comes alive when you brush paint it.

So I am happy and I want to do more Star Wars projects! I might have some lined up in a month.

Now...that's not all I want to share. Check this out.

I have been doing a lot of HISS Tanks from the GI JOE line. This one was a commission to take a Cobra tank and make it into a GI JOE tank that Blowtorch would love to drive. So I painted it in a vermilion and yellow camo color scheme and added some smoke damage to it. So it looks like it has been in some fires.  I also bought replacement stickers to decorate it with.... but the most fun part??? I added the Pac Rat Flamethrower to the front.

Blowtorch can style and profile.

Flame thrower in front. Made to look like its melted some.
Side and back view.

Happy with results.

I enjoyed transforming and customizing this one. It was a challenge to make it look weathered with smoke and fire. I tried to just do some light(not too heavy) effects.

Hope you all enjoy these updates.

More to come.

Kevin James Breaux

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