Monday, April 23, 2018

Lots of New TANKS! Cobra Hiss Tank Customs are fun and affordable here at Castle BROSKULL

Hi all,

Lots of of updates. I enjoy Mondays because I get a chance to update everyone on the work I did the previous week. I like to post of FB and do my blog post here. Sometimes, I am rushing when I post things. Sorry. I need to slow down. I'm always running in the door from the Post Office, having shipped out customs and like...I can't wait to do the blog post!!!


So here are some new things to show.

Today's theme: Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!

Inside shot of the newest Dreadnok Commission. The Crocodile Tank!

Crazy! I know!
But the Dreadnoks love it!
This would make a great ride for Croc Master....if he didn't just get eaten!

You can fit a Dreadnok in driver or gunner spot.

Why would I do this? Or... How did I do this? Well, I am thinking outside the box obviously. And in order to pull this one off, I had to counterweight the back of the tank, because that skull was heavy! lol

This is meant to be a cool ride for any Dreadnok or Zartan... it is swamp-ed out. I'm very happy with the results, and so is the guy who commissioned it. 

But wait! The BATS are back! And this time they are Battle-damaged!!!

Look at the anguish of that battle damaged BATS in the back!

Rolling. Rolling. Rolling.
Side view - YES...that is a giant screw through the driver.

Side view
This was another commission and I really decided to roll with the idea of them being damaged. So I suspended the gunner and made it look like he had been torn in half.

Like it? I love it. lol

And.... One more vehicle for the Dreadnoks! Well... for ROAD PIG!

Road Pig has a custom HISS too!

Armored up.

Skulls and Wire.

This was another commission job. I love the rusty feel to the armor. Then adding the "plates" that look new, I felt, went along with the character. This one is just plain beautiful-killer-rad in person!

Hope you like the new HISS tanks I had to show. I would love to make you one. Contact me. And remember, the cost of my customs is already low, and even lower if you send me the toy you want painted. :)


Kevin James Breaux

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