Monday, April 30, 2018

New Grayskull custom done ICE Castle! MOTU 4ever!

Hi all,

Here is the newest custom Grayskull. Just completed last night. It is a Frozen or ICE castle. And this job was and outside and inside one. Fun!

It was commissioned by Mr. Sage. He had a ton of good ideas and we narrowed it down to this one. Now, I should note, he is the best kinda guy to do a commission for. He had ideas, and we communicated often and clearly with each other. So, it was a team effort...and I love Grayskull projects like this.

So, here we are!

The Ice Castle is HOT! or maybe Chill?

I try and take indoor and outdoor pictures of the castles I create. Some castles look best in the sun, others in studio lights. This is a studio castle for sure! Caught the colors perfectly.

This is the insides of the frozen castle.

One single frozen skull. I think it has huge impact like this.
Some added accessories!

Frozen Weapons rack and weapons.

Frozen Throne and Skeleton.
I wanted a geological structure. Something like a frozen tree or bush. This find was perfect and painted up right.

So, I did everything I planned to...except icicles. They are too fragile and don't travel. Otherwise, this turned out great and I am very happy with it.

Thanks all for taking a look. I am still available for custom Grayskulls. I think my next one is my 20th? I think... I have to go back and count. lol.


This was my 24th castle. My count was off. lol. 

Kevin James Breaux

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