Monday, May 21, 2018

Jeeps! Jeeps! Jeeps! Castle Broskull has your custom GI JOE Jeeps!

Hi all,

It's Jeep week! (makes me feel like I am a car dealership when I say that)

As a Jeep owner and driver, I appreciate the Jeep love. But it was weird getting 4 Jeep jobs at once.

Turns out... I finished three of them at once. But then one did not sell. So there is a rare Custom Job here that is unclaimed and for SALE!!!

Here is Jeep #1. Post Apocalyptic Dreadnok style.  Created from a Cobra Stinger. FOR SALE!

Love how the leather turned out on this one.

Barbed wire on the front.

Rusty and Dirty.

Dreadnok approved.

Just look how happy he is!

I really like this one....AND....its for SALE!!!

Jeep #2 is RAD! Again, it is a Post Apocalyptic Mad Max Style. This is made from a VAMP. And I really love the armor and detail I added. It looks amazing in person.

Fully armored!

Added some Dreadnok flair.

The added tire is the cherry on top of the sundae. I mean really.

And Jeep #3. This is a Cobra Interceptor from the movie style. I was commissioned to make it sleek and black. Armed and Armored. It is made from a Cobra Stinger.

Added muddy tired. Installed a windshield.

That plow has endless uses.

So, I will post the last Jeep when it is done. Until then, I hope you enjoyed seeing these commissions.

Working on a Street Shark now. And a few other things.


Kevin James Breaux

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