Monday, May 7, 2018

New Custom GI JOE Dragonfly Helicopter for the Dreadnoks

Hi all,

I have a bunch of new stuff to show off, but I want to wait for next week. :)

Seriously... I'm surprised I finished anything this week. Last Monday, I pulled my back or threw it out...and it has been hurting really bad since. Funny fact, I paint standing up. So all the work you see here represents tons of hours of me on my feet. (at least that allows my spine to decompress...right?)

Here is a job I completed last week, but did not show off here yet.  It's a custom GI JOE Dragonfly Helicopter. Done in the post apocalypse / Mad Max / Dreadnok style.

With "Dreadnok" green highlights.

A rib cage on the front.

Some skulls...

Hey wait! How do those skulls stay balanced on the wings?

Nose to nose.

So I wanted to do something special with the cockpit. I wanted to "tint" it so I first sprayed my sealer inside, and then before it dried I gave it a light dusting of flat black spray. This tinted it perfectly....and pretty even.

BUT!!!! I wanted more. So I drilled holes in it, painted up some cracks and then splattered blood on the inside. Now it looks like someone was shot inside.

This is after tint and drilling and blood stains. Before bullet hole cracks.

This is the final product of a lot of careful work. See the cracks and bullet holes. Now they look real!

This is one of those customs you need to see in person. It has lots of fine detail. It was a fun project. Thanks Brett.

NOW... on to a Sky Striker...

Next week, I will have some nice vintage 1970s Plastic Army Men tanks to show off. You will be amazed at how cool I can make them look. I swear....they are so common that people throw them out. I am now picking them up, giving them some love, and making them RAD again!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

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