Monday, June 18, 2018

Castle Broskull reveals a giant Transformers - Joe Robot mashup

Hi all,

The "Devastator" Giant Robot commission is REVEALED!!!

This was a secret project for Justice Cury. I was hired by his wife to make him a gift. No pressure, right? LOL.

So, once I was commission for this job, I had to come up with some sketches.

early sketches

I had a real clear idea in my head, so I looked on ebay and found two lots of Joe beater vehicles and several single auctions that had what I wanted. So, I snatched them up.

Once all the toys arrived, I laid them out on the floor and started seeing if my design would work. There was a point where the Skyhawk was the head. It looked cool... but then the APC mask really felt right. Even wanted to use JOE helicopters.

Planning Stages
I built the legs first. And then the body. Then put those two parts together. Then head. The arms were last, because they would require braces, armature and welding wire to hold them in place.

Legs are solid.

Once he was fully built with vehicles, I added wires and nuts and bolts to cover some of my work... and make him more interesting. I also painted some spots to blend it.

FYI - At one point I added clay to blend the parts of the body did not work, and it set me back a week.

So, when it was done, I got a water pistol and modded it and painted it black. This creation needed a gun.

With arm raised up in a "YO JOE!", this thing stood almost 3 feet tall. And was NOT easy to ship.

I had to have the entire post office help me pack it and the box was huge. I was worried some of the glue would not hold during the trip.... always seems something gets loose with all the jostling around...
Workspace: Kitchen

Looking good.

So, Devastator took me well over a month and more HOT GLUE sticks than I can count.

It was created with the following:

(2) Snow Cats. (2) Triple Ts (2) Sluggers (2) HAVOK sleds (2) Armadillos (1) Sharc (1) APC front. (1) Flagg mini vehicle. Several Bomb Disposal unit parts, and a Piece from the HAVOC. Some random parts of different JOE toys here and there. Wires. Nuts. Metal plates. Etc. 

It turned out great. See the pics. I am very proud of this and hope to make more. 

Man. Myth. Legend. And he loves it!

Thanks all for checking it out. I imagine I will see some copy cats soon. LOL. 

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, June 11, 2018

Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! Snobat Desert Mobat and More at Castle Brokskull

Snobat - Tim Mee vintage repaint - Desert Mobat

Hi all,

Here are some of the tanks I have customized. I bought six GI JOE MOBATS and decided I would customize five of them. The MOBAT was one of the original JOE toys I owned. I always felt like I loved the MAULER more, but once you paint one of these right, they really look amazing. I don't know...maybe I like the MOBAT more now... I will have to paint a MAULER and see which looks best. :)

Desert MOBAT - for sale. 

Since I love the Mauler so much, I decided to paint my first Mobat in a desert - realistic theme.

Really happy with all the detail that came up.

Love this tank. Added packs on the sides and a first aid pack up top.

Added an antenna and a bed roll.

 SNOBAT (Snow Mobat) - SOLD!

This was inspired by Snow Job. I thought it would be fun to give him a tank. See his skis?

The detail on this one is amazing. The contrast really makes it rock.

Man.... look at it.

Ski poles. :)

I did not add many stickers. Wanted to keep it real.

In-between my commissions, I am painting vintage Tim Mee (plastic army man) tanks and its a lot of fun. It's kinda relaxing and the results are great. I will sell these at a toy show in Sept.

So much fun!
Cargo truck. I forgot I had one.

Fun sized!
Now this guy....he was as big as the MOBATS and I did not know what to do at first. So I decided to paint him up realistically.

Looks as good as the MOBATS and it is just a plastic shell.

Almost too cool to sell. But it is for sale.

Don't get me wrong... I don't just paint toys. I customize them and restore them. I take something that is broken and forgotten and make it rad again. When I am done, this toy will be front and center on your display.

Thanks all!

Hope you love the tanks. Send me yours!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, June 8, 2018

Autobots ROLL OUT!... JOE Triple T style. New from Castle Broskull!

Hi all,

So many projects still to share...

You saw the THUNDERCRACKER post from earlier this week, right?

This was just a big and fun job and people seem to love the results.

Well, it was not the first crossover from JOES to Transformers I finished. Here's the first one. It was a commission to take a JOE Triple T tank and make it into an Autobot.

Yo Joe?

Roll out?

This one was painted crisp and clean.

Very happy with results.

Looks like something from the cartoon when they were still on Cybertron.

What do you think? I did this one (almost) all sprayed, as requested by collector. The only hand-painting was the black detail. The logo on the front is a sticker I purchased.

This was a fun project that did not cost much to make. So if you want something like this, let me know.

People something think customs are out of their price range. Not here, not mine. I make sure they are affordable for all levels of collectors. So just reach out with your project ideas, and I will make something awesome for you.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, June 4, 2018

THUNDER.....THUNDER.... Thundercracker Custom! Castle Broskull does it again!

Hi all,

Busy weeks. Lots of projects done. Lots to show off. I probably should show off some other stuff first, but I can't NOT show off a project that I have been posting on FB and Instagram the past two days...something that been getting HUNDREDS of LIKES.


So, I was commissioned a few months back to take a 2011 JOE Sky Striker and make it a Blue Angel. I bought several cans of blue spray paint and some yellows and golds. I painted the body blue and was laid down some professional grade masking take to do the stripes and letters and numbers and....


The masking tape pulled up the blue spray paint. THIS is why I like to gesso prime and hand-paint!

I had to start all over.

And now I knew I could not use masking tape. HOW THE HELL was I gonna get crisp lines????

I showed and explained what happened to the collector who hired me and he quickly changed the project. He wanted Thundercracker now. Well...well...well... I know who that is and I loved the Transformers so I was like. HELL YEAH!!!

So, I orders some Decepitcon logo/emblem stickers and started the project over again.

I started hand-painting the red and white stripes on the jet. First pass...too bumpy. Guess what? Had to start over again!!!

This time, I had Castle Broskull Quality Assurance come in. My wife, Colleen. Yes, she can paint small things 1000X better than I can. So, she helped me get those stripes down right.

Then, I addressed the clear canopy. It needed to be orange. I have a few tricks for this. As you know, I have stained cockpits before....

BTW - funny story. On FB some guy got SOOOOO pissed at me when I did not instantly reveal how I colored the cockpit, that he started insulting me as an artist. Yeah. What a big baby. He's blocked now. Anyway....

So, yes. The cockpit is orange now. And its not a total secret how I did it. If you ask nicely, I may tell you in private. :)

Orange is the new Clear.

 And the big reveal....

Final product shot outside in setting sun. BOOM!

The project was finally finished when the logo stickers arrived. The guy, who sent me the jet requested I take a video if it for a reveal. I did that and you can see it on the FB page.

Kinda love this photo.

I am really happy with it. I am also really happy that it is shipped and off my WIP table. :) Working with Anthony was a true pleasure. I hope to do more for him. Thanks buddy!

Inside shot.

Fills up my whole mantle. And looks AMAZING!

So there it is. The big project. I will post another update soon with another JOE to Transformer and a Street Shark I am very proud of.

Thanks all!!

Follow me @castlebroskull on INSTA and remember to contact me if you want to do a rad project.

Kevin James Breaux