Friday, June 8, 2018

Autobots ROLL OUT!... JOE Triple T style. New from Castle Broskull!

Hi all,

So many projects still to share...

You saw the THUNDERCRACKER post from earlier this week, right?

This was just a big and fun job and people seem to love the results.

Well, it was not the first crossover from JOES to Transformers I finished. Here's the first one. It was a commission to take a JOE Triple T tank and make it into an Autobot.

Yo Joe?

Roll out?

This one was painted crisp and clean.

Very happy with results.

Looks like something from the cartoon when they were still on Cybertron.

What do you think? I did this one (almost) all sprayed, as requested by collector. The only hand-painting was the black detail. The logo on the front is a sticker I purchased.

This was a fun project that did not cost much to make. So if you want something like this, let me know.

People something think customs are out of their price range. Not here, not mine. I make sure they are affordable for all levels of collectors. So just reach out with your project ideas, and I will make something awesome for you.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

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