Monday, June 18, 2018

Castle Broskull reveals a giant Transformers - Joe Robot mashup

Hi all,

The "Devastator" Giant Robot commission is REVEALED!!!

This was a secret project for Justice Cury. I was hired by his wife to make him a gift. No pressure, right? LOL.

So, once I was commission for this job, I had to come up with some sketches.

early sketches

I had a real clear idea in my head, so I looked on ebay and found two lots of Joe beater vehicles and several single auctions that had what I wanted. So, I snatched them up.

Once all the toys arrived, I laid them out on the floor and started seeing if my design would work. There was a point where the Skyhawk was the head. It looked cool... but then the APC mask really felt right. Even wanted to use JOE helicopters.

Planning Stages
I built the legs first. And then the body. Then put those two parts together. Then head. The arms were last, because they would require braces, armature and welding wire to hold them in place.

Legs are solid.

Once he was fully built with vehicles, I added wires and nuts and bolts to cover some of my work... and make him more interesting. I also painted some spots to blend it.

FYI - At one point I added clay to blend the parts of the body did not work, and it set me back a week.

So, when it was done, I got a water pistol and modded it and painted it black. This creation needed a gun.

With arm raised up in a "YO JOE!", this thing stood almost 3 feet tall. And was NOT easy to ship.

I had to have the entire post office help me pack it and the box was huge. I was worried some of the glue would not hold during the trip.... always seems something gets loose with all the jostling around...
Workspace: Kitchen

Looking good.

So, Devastator took me well over a month and more HOT GLUE sticks than I can count.

It was created with the following:

(2) Snow Cats. (2) Triple Ts (2) Sluggers (2) HAVOK sleds (2) Armadillos (1) Sharc (1) APC front. (1) Flagg mini vehicle. Several Bomb Disposal unit parts, and a Piece from the HAVOC. Some random parts of different JOE toys here and there. Wires. Nuts. Metal plates. Etc. 

It turned out great. See the pics. I am very proud of this and hope to make more. 

Man. Myth. Legend. And he loves it!

Thanks all for checking it out. I imagine I will see some copy cats soon. LOL. 

Kevin James Breaux

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