Monday, June 11, 2018

Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! Snobat Desert Mobat and More at Castle Brokskull

Snobat - Tim Mee vintage repaint - Desert Mobat

Hi all,

Here are some of the tanks I have customized. I bought six GI JOE MOBATS and decided I would customize five of them. The MOBAT was one of the original JOE toys I owned. I always felt like I loved the MAULER more, but once you paint one of these right, they really look amazing. I don't know...maybe I like the MOBAT more now... I will have to paint a MAULER and see which looks best. :)

Desert MOBAT - for sale. 

Since I love the Mauler so much, I decided to paint my first Mobat in a desert - realistic theme.

Really happy with all the detail that came up.

Love this tank. Added packs on the sides and a first aid pack up top.

Added an antenna and a bed roll.

 SNOBAT (Snow Mobat) - SOLD!

This was inspired by Snow Job. I thought it would be fun to give him a tank. See his skis?

The detail on this one is amazing. The contrast really makes it rock.

Man.... look at it.

Ski poles. :)

I did not add many stickers. Wanted to keep it real.

In-between my commissions, I am painting vintage Tim Mee (plastic army man) tanks and its a lot of fun. It's kinda relaxing and the results are great. I will sell these at a toy show in Sept.

So much fun!
Cargo truck. I forgot I had one.

Fun sized!
Now this guy....he was as big as the MOBATS and I did not know what to do at first. So I decided to paint him up realistically.

Looks as good as the MOBATS and it is just a plastic shell.

Almost too cool to sell. But it is for sale.

Don't get me wrong... I don't just paint toys. I customize them and restore them. I take something that is broken and forgotten and make it rad again. When I am done, this toy will be front and center on your display.

Thanks all!

Hope you love the tanks. Send me yours!

Kevin James Breaux

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