Monday, June 4, 2018

THUNDER.....THUNDER.... Thundercracker Custom! Castle Broskull does it again!

Hi all,

Busy weeks. Lots of projects done. Lots to show off. I probably should show off some other stuff first, but I can't NOT show off a project that I have been posting on FB and Instagram the past two days...something that been getting HUNDREDS of LIKES.


So, I was commissioned a few months back to take a 2011 JOE Sky Striker and make it a Blue Angel. I bought several cans of blue spray paint and some yellows and golds. I painted the body blue and was laid down some professional grade masking take to do the stripes and letters and numbers and....


The masking tape pulled up the blue spray paint. THIS is why I like to gesso prime and hand-paint!

I had to start all over.

And now I knew I could not use masking tape. HOW THE HELL was I gonna get crisp lines????

I showed and explained what happened to the collector who hired me and he quickly changed the project. He wanted Thundercracker now. Well...well...well... I know who that is and I loved the Transformers so I was like. HELL YEAH!!!

So, I orders some Decepitcon logo/emblem stickers and started the project over again.

I started hand-painting the red and white stripes on the jet. First pass...too bumpy. Guess what? Had to start over again!!!

This time, I had Castle Broskull Quality Assurance come in. My wife, Colleen. Yes, she can paint small things 1000X better than I can. So, she helped me get those stripes down right.

Then, I addressed the clear canopy. It needed to be orange. I have a few tricks for this. As you know, I have stained cockpits before....

BTW - funny story. On FB some guy got SOOOOO pissed at me when I did not instantly reveal how I colored the cockpit, that he started insulting me as an artist. Yeah. What a big baby. He's blocked now. Anyway....

So, yes. The cockpit is orange now. And its not a total secret how I did it. If you ask nicely, I may tell you in private. :)

Orange is the new Clear.

 And the big reveal....

Final product shot outside in setting sun. BOOM!

The project was finally finished when the logo stickers arrived. The guy, who sent me the jet requested I take a video if it for a reveal. I did that and you can see it on the FB page.

Kinda love this photo.

I am really happy with it. I am also really happy that it is shipped and off my WIP table. :) Working with Anthony was a true pleasure. I hope to do more for him. Thanks buddy!

Inside shot.

Fills up my whole mantle. And looks AMAZING!

So there it is. The big project. I will post another update soon with another JOE to Transformer and a Street Shark I am very proud of.

Thanks all!!

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Kevin James Breaux

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