Monday, July 23, 2018

Castle Broskull has jets and figures and trucks and tanks and.... Business is booming!

Hi all,

Back from taking a few weeks off from blogging to focus on writing my novel. And getting projects done.

Not to mention, lost a few days....with like 8-10 migraines this month... yuck!

Regardless, lots of new finished projects to share. Many thanks to the Lady of Castle Broskull, who has been painting up a storm too.

So let me get right to it.

Let's start with MOTU.

I was hired to make a MOTU crossover with DC's Black Manta. I knew this was gonna be fun, so I hit ebay and found some parts. Basically, this is a FAKER body with an existing Black Manta head. Getting them to fit together was the hard part. I manged to do so...and the head still tilts up and down. Very happy with that.

Black Manta!

Next up, is my restore job of an old MOTU Windraider. It was broken and in poor...poor condition. I cleaned it. Stripped it of its old stickers, primed it, undercoated it and then hand-painted it.

I waited like 2 months for some repro stickers.... all I wanted to do was put the computer panels in. That's it. So here it is finally finished.

Love this restore job - and I am keeping it!

Favorite part? The ice on the wings.

Okay! You know Castle Broskull loves crossover projects. So I bought (2) broken Soundwave G1 Transformers. One to restore and do something RAD with. Another to make into a Cobra Battle Android Trooper.

Yes, that is a Fallout PVC figure head. I needed to find this thing a new head, it had NO head!!! So, I went online and looked and looked. Finally, I found something that was the right size and style. People love it. So do I!

It transitions perfectly!

Look at it!

So much fun and it got a TON of likes on FB. Several hundred.

Side by Side comparison.

Look, it could be the Joe figure's daddy. LOL.

Want more? Well, since everyone loved the Thundercracker GIJOE- Transformer crossover...and we here at Castle Broskull loved making it... We went forward and made SKYWARP!!!

You know, the 2nd one is always better than the first. It's like you learn the first time around and then knock the 2nd one out of the park. This SKYWARP is a good example. I think it turned out amazing!!!

AND!!! I am making two more of them for custom orders. I can make more...just message me and ask.

Love this pic!

It's wicked!

Okay, that's it for now. I will share more later. I am finishing up a CHUCKLES Force GI JOE set. Which if you follow me on FB you have seen some of already. I also did three customer appreciation projects. These projects were to give back to three of my big commission customers. I did three small free projects and shipped two of them out today. I will show them off next week.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Prime Time! Optimus Wimp to Optimus Pimp. Castle Broskull style.

Hey all,


So, I was sent this 2 foot tall plastic Transformers Optimus Prime kid's toy. I mean it looked like a kindergarten toy.

Dull. Boring.

I was commissioned to make it look bad ass. I did just that. In fact, my wife did most of the work and she made him look JACKED.

Yes, if you did not know it already, the Lords of Castle Broskull work together as a team on some projects. Lady Broskull does a lot of fine detail and quality assurance while Lord Broskull gets down and dirty with the building and rough and tumble goodness.

Here is what the Prime looked like when he first arrived. Plastic and lifeless.

Kids toy...
So we got to work.

Since the chest opened up, I decided to make a Matrix of Leadership that matched the style of the toy. Kinda cartoonish.

Clay - started off... but

Plastilina. Looked better to start...but needed lots of work.
I tried to different materials and went with the plastilinia. (spelling?) And after some paint and a stained jewel in the center it looked right. See below.

Looking good.

Lady Broskull started painting. Adding shadows and depth. When she was done, I started adding wear and tear and metallic shine.


Bad ass.

The New PRIME!
Lastly, I popped the finished and painted Matrix of Leadership inside. Yep, that was the cherry on top. BOOM!

Come at me, Bro.

Go ahead, try and take the Matrix!

He turned out great. Very happy with the results. So, I took my photos and made a side by side comparison. NOW you can see. Look how he went from Optimus Wimp to Optimus Pimp!

This was a simple job that we went the extra mile on. This is how we do things at Castle Broskull....with style.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux