Thursday, August 9, 2018

The newest GRAYSKULL!!! This is Grayskull job 29!

Hi all,

Been so busy. I can't seem to update with all the jobs I have done. It is crazy.

Here is an important one. A major one. This is the first full deluxe Castle Grayskull job I have done in a while. Normally, I get basic commissions for Grayskulls. But this one...this one I was tasked to paint EVERYTHING for the first time. And we, the Lords of Castle Broskull, did just that!

*Lady Broskull painted the weapons. :)

Here it is. The Dragon Bone Castle!

Painted with almost 10 layers of paint. Browns, blacks, greens, reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples!

With all the fix'ns!

Above you will see two pictures taken inside with natural light. You can see all the time that went into this.

I painted it with a black undercoat and a brown base. I added so many colors. And then did a lava flow down the sides. So I added even more colors and texture and shimmer!

The colors in the roof are meant to look like dragon scales and they color shift a lot. So depending on the light or angle you look at them they appear more blue or purple. It is a cool effect.

Below is the castle photographed outside in the sun and 100 degree

Pointed Lizard Tongue

The figure was alive before the photos...the heat killed him!
I added moss, skulls, treasure chests, gems, keys, a skeleton and more. It has all sorts of fun additions from the Castle Broskull vaults!

Some of the accessories.

Fully painted and customized weapons rack and weapons.

Aged to perfection!

Gun was made to look metallic and rusty.

Trademark Castle Broskull add-on Skeleton. He was painted to look charred.

Tower and gun.

Painted the throne in the same color as roof to match dragon scales.

Skulls are hidden all over. Inside and out.

Interior details.

That treasure is a trap!

So this was a big job. Full deluxe and themed job. I was sent the castle and all the parts and I worked very hard on it for over a month. I think it turned out great and might be my favorite one of all the Grayskulls  have done. It turned out to be the 29th one commissioned and finished.

Hope you like it.

So the next one, the 30th Castle...will be a prize for a contest on FB. Be sure to look for updates.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Chuckles Force is at Castle Broskull!!!! Exclusive!

Hi all,

Very proud to announce and show off these treasures from the vault. Brand new! Exclusive to Castle Broskull!!! It's.......... CHUCKLES FORCE!!!

Here is the current line, with more to come. With over 700 likes on FB (and growing)...

Chuckles Force Awe Striker!

Chuckles is ready for battle and vacation. Suns out Guns out.
The Chuckles Force Awe Striker comes with surf board and is painted in his style. It is SO RAD it is nearly impossible to look away from.

Chuckles Force APC - For Army Builders or Surf Competitions.

This APC can house a army of Chuckles.

Crisp style painting.

Minimal interior details to keep it real.

Surf Boards added on back or sides.
The Chuckles Force APC is a thing of beauty. Painted in his style and ready to roll. It can carry troops, babes, surf boards, coolers....etc.

These are just the beginning and they were the prize in an awesome contest.

Chuckles Force 2018 - Castle Broskull
Look for more vehicles and fun add ons. Also, if you want one of these, or any JOE toys painted up in Chuckles Force style, please contact me.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux