Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Castle Broskull August Projects completed while finishing my 8th book.

Hey all,

If you didn't know already...yes, I'm a professional artist. But I'm also a published author. I've written eight books to date. (don't judge my writing skills by my blog Two different beasts.)

August, I started to push myself to finish a novel I have been writing the last year. I was half done and decided I could finish it...if I focused almost all of my time.

Now, mind you, I don't write cheesy short books. I write novels that are in the 100,000 word range. So, in the month of August, I wrote about 45,000 words. BOOM!

Yeah, it was not easy. I had a lot of lost days to migraines. Stress... And a few days of taking day trips around Oregon and Washington.

But my nights are always focused on Castle Broskull work. STILL I had delays with the forest fires and heat effecting my spray paints. And spray sealants. This is why I prefer hand-painting.

So the heat is gone, the book is written, and I am back to work big time on custom projects.

Here are some of the projects I finished last month...regardless of being super busy and all...

***Oh, side note. Grayskull #30 was created and raffled off to the fans and supporters of Castle Broskull. The winner then gave it to his friend who was having a hard time. THAT is RAD. That is how people should be. That is coolness all around. Everyone involved gave back. Loved it. Thanks, Michael.

The Fisher Price 1970s boat turned into Dreadnok Gunship!

Fun project. For Sale!

It's post apocalyptic too!

Rusted...but it still fires! LOL (not really)

Started out looking like this!

Grayskull #31 -  Blues and Silver.

For a commission, I did this Blue Grayskull. Love how it looks.

Fun job. Great guy to work with!

Zartan and his Slick Ride.

Murdered out - all black Zartan

And his slick ride. And his gems!

Fun and easy commission. 

Tiger Force Snake Armor!

My new favorite toy to paint!


So many options!

I love how it turned out.

Okay, that's just a few things to show. Hope you like them.

Remember, if you send me the toy, the custom job is cheaper than me having to buy one or sell you one I have. But I will do it either way.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

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