Monday, September 24, 2018

The Snake Mountain everyone has been wanting - Castle Broskull style!

Hi all,

So, I get a LOT of requests from Snake Mountain. And I always say the same thing.... Send me one, and I will customize it. It will look great.

But no one sends them.

I always wondered why?

Well, then I went on ebay and saw they are super expensive...WAY too much just for a shell. I bit the bullet and got one. $55 shipped. (I normally pay $30-35 shipped for Grayskull shells. tops)

This being the beginning of FALL...and the season for creepy...I decided now was the time to customize it. My goal, to bring out what the toy was meant to look like. I focused on images from the cartoon and comics and had a real clear idea in my head.

Here is how it turned out. Epic-ally RAD!

Perfection. Love it.

I took my normal approach. Clean and Gesso first. Then undercoat black. THEN....oh man, this was fun...I layer six shades of blue and purple and then a magenta and a straight red. Then, I did some pink and white highlights.

It shaped up quick and looked exactly how I wanted it to.

I painted the snake different for contrast and added some glow in dark and glitter to his scales.


Gate is painted in flat black and grey with some rust colors. I wanted that part to look very  different since I imagine it as a different stone (onyx?) than the rest of the mountain.

I added moss and skulls, my trademarks...and I poured some sand down the path to make it look like it has a real dirt path.

My Snake Mountain brings all the boys to the yard...

Damn right, it's better than yours...

I wanted to fill that space at the bottom, so I put some Halloween spider webs in there for a smoke effect. BOOM! Perfect.

Added fun! Treasure chest and a sparkling snake.
You all know, I always add things to my castles. Treasure chest, key, weapons, shields, gems, skulls...etc. I decided that Snake Mountain needed a snake. I did not attach them, so the new owner can move them around.

FYI-The inside is painted black and shaded. That's it.

So who bought this one?

Well, I made it a prize in a raffle and the winner....get this...she decided to gift it to another guy who REALLY wanted it. Like, she entered, but did not care if she won. And she won. So she gave it to one of the other guys...

MAN, this is why I paint toys. This is why I do raffles and keep my prices affordable. I like putting these gems in the hands of people who will love them. And the girl who won the raffle did just that. SHE understands Castle Broskull. And I love that.

I hope you like. So far it has had hundreds of likes on social media, and people are in love with it. I want to do another one but... SOMEONE has to send me a Snake Mountain shell! :)

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

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