Friday, November 23, 2018

Some New Commissions Done! Check out the pics!

Hi all,

Was real busy for the last couple months with the release of a new book. I am an author too, if you did not already know.  :)

Here are some recent commissions that were finished and shipped off.

First up. The Blow Torch themed Tomahawk.  These pics were sent to me by the collector after he got the job.

Painted with yellow and red camo!

Front view.

Goes well with the APC I made earlier.

New Castle done!

This castle was a commission and the colors were meant to be very light grey. The collector wanted an extra skeleton and a "statue" of Fisto to display with it. This was an inside and out custom paint job.

I also painted a throne and added a lot of nice details to this one. Spent extra time on textures.

Outdoor pics

Gate closed.

Indoor pic with Fisto!

Inside the castle is a dark theme with blues and moss.

One of the Skeletons can be put on the throne.
Here is the Fisto Statue. He is looking amazing inside or outside of castle.

Close up of front gate.

Also did another batch of Skeletor mugs and sold them to Allan to resell in his store.

Skeletor Mugs!

More Castle work to show off soon. And I want to start a special project to raffle off. Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. @castlebroskull


Kevin James Breaux