Friday, December 7, 2018

Grayskull commissions are pouring in! Lords of Castle Broskull are on the job!

Hi all,

The Lords of Castle Broskull want to say thank you for all the commissions that poured in during the last two months. (And more pending.) Most of them are for Grayskulls. Which is great. Castle Broskull is the #1 spot for Custom Castle Grayskulls. So this is where we excel and it's great to get these beauties into the hands of proud collectors.

Here is a new one, just shipped this week. Theme: dark blues.

You know me, I prime first. But lets skip that picture and move to the undercoat. Two thick coats of black for shadowing. Its important and I always send a pic to the customer when its done.


Work in Progress
I like to send work in progress pics too. As many as possible. I enjoy taking the collector along through the journey. I sent this to Branden and it blew his mind. It's not even done! HA HA!

When I am done I ALWAYS take indoor and outdoor pics. There is a color shift between indoor lighting and outdoor sun. Take a look! This is the finished product all decorated. 

Indoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting.

Outdoor, in the sun, they pop.

For this project, I was sent the Grayskull and a bunch of parts. So I painted the canon, weapons rack and a few weapons too. And I did it for free because he paid way too much in a shipping mistake. I got your back, brother!

This is a CASTLE BROSKULL exclusive. You only get these with my customs.

Painted up real nice!

I try and make each gate different. Silver. Gold. A mix. Sometimes I mount skulls there. Etc.

Cannon painted.

Inside shots.

The skeleton fits in the throne perfectly. And I salvaged the stickers!

Back when I started, a year ago, I would ask people if they wanted the inside done. Most people planned to display open with the back facing at wall. So for the first 5-10 commissions I did very little inside. I started rough painting the insides eventually. THEN the demand shot up and people started really loving and valuing my work. So I started painting the insides as part of the whole deal. Not extra...part of the normal prince. I do this so now people have an entire play-set customed up.

This one, I was able to salvage the stickers inside and paint around them.

Here is a close up of the cannon. It was in bad shape. I fixed it up.

So I wanted to show people a comparison of an old Grayskull that is dirty and forgotten next to one that is cleaned up, custom painted, and made rad again.

Vintage Grayskull is cool...but I can make it way cooler!
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Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux