Sunday, January 20, 2019

Funko Bat Cave turned into a Grayskull and Hordak Castle? Yep, I did it first!

Hi all,

It took me like 40 hours, but I did it. And I did it first!!!!!

(insert evil laugh)

I will do a larger post later. But here are some teaser pics.

Grayskull on left. Hordak on right.

Green is the new Gray.

Some much fun. So rad!

Inside and out. All the accessories painted and customized.

Look at the spider webs!

More to come soon!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Year - Tons of Work to show Three custom Grayskulls and one Snake Mountain.

Hi all,

I did (4) custom MOTU jobs in December. (3) Grayskulls and (1) Snake Mt.

I raffled the Snake Mt. off just before Christmas.  I wanted someone to give someone a gift.

These are good examples of styles and the levels of jobs. Kinda a small, medium, and large deal.

Snake Mountain - this is a big job regardless of missing its chain link bridge. This kinda job ranges in the $200-250 plus shipping realm. Depends on if I have to get you a shell or not. These shells can be expensive and the parts are not cheap too. I think I spent a  total of $125 piecing this one together before customizing it.

2nd Snake Mountain

crazy eyes!

I always add skeletons. And added some spider webs too.

Love the gate!

Snake is fun to paint.

Here are the three Grayskulls I did. In order. lol Again, different kinda jobs here.

#1 (below) - Full inside and out. Some extras. Tons of moss. This is a good example of a normal $175-200 plus shipping job. This included the shell and a few parts.

Green and lots of moss.

Commissioned for extra parts, Here are weapons and training stand.

Skeleton and treasure.

#2 (below) A much simpler job. No extra parts. I added Skeletons and a Throne of course...treasure and such...put no weapons or turrets or weapons rack. This is a good example of a job that might cost $150-175 plus shipping. Depending on the cost of the shell.

Green again.Grey accents.

Fully green inside.Bare minimum done here.

#3 (below) - This one, sent to Australia, was a big, but not FULL everything, job. First, I had to source out a Grayskull shell with PERFECT hinges. Which is hard. And they can be expensive. But the person who commissioned me, paid for it, and I found him a great one at a great price. It also needed both tower floors and a perfect gate. This one cost more than normal because of needed a great shell and having to ship to Australia.

I am very pleased with it. I followed his specific green and brown color scheme. And nailed it.

Open wide!

Brown floors. First time requested.

Treasure and gemstone and skeleton added. Always!

Rusty throne.
Indoor photo of the broze accents on the door.

Another detail shot.
Indoor pics. See the color shifts from outside to inside pics.

So there you go. My busy month captured in pics of my final products. I also had a book to finish formatting, I am a writer (if you did not know that already). :)

Thanks all for taking the time to look at my work. More coming soon!

Kevin James Breaux